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At the formation of Evangelical Church/Sabha at Tiruvalla on 26th January 1961, the people who had similar “Pathyopadesha Samithi” views in Kuwait joined together for fellowship and prayer at the residence of late Mr. P.J. George.   As the members were few and no proper place for regular gathering, this did not last for long.  However the group was known as “Evangelical Church” in Kuwait among other Christians. 


Furthermore, this group was actively involved in the KTMCC Worship services and other activities. 

Our senior members held executive positions in the KTMCC.  Consequently, St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India became one of the constituent Churches of the Kuwait Town Malayalee Christian Congregation (KTMCC) along with other churches Marthoma, CSI, Brethren and Pentecostal Churches.


St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Kuwait Parish was officially started on 26 August 1965, during the visit of late Mr. K.A. Abraham (Kurudamannil Alumkal, Oonnakavu, Ranny).  He visited Kuwait on his way back from ICCC plenary congress in Geneva. He was the Convener for Organization, Publicity & Development of the Church in its early years. During his visit, he has taken interest to meet the members of our Church and a meeting was arranged at the Vestry of the National Evangelical Church in Kuwait (NECK), then the Church of Christ.  Most of the known Evangelical members were gathered and they were Messrs P.J George (Trivandrum), A.J. Thomas (Chengannur), M. Jacob & T. John Mathew (known as Vettiyar Brothers), P. Thomas Jacob, P.T. Thomas & P.T. Mathew (known as Ayroor Brothers), Samuel Kurien (Tiruvalla), V.M. Samuel (Kuzikala) and K.M. Varghese (Edyaranmula).

Mr. K.A. Abraham in his speech encouraged the members to gather together at least once in a month at any convenient place to have fellowship, to exchange Sabha news and prayer.  All participants agreed to this proposal and decided to assemble together once in a month at the residences of our members. (Only two or three families were here at that time as many were bachelors).  The first such meeting was assembled at the residence of Mr. P. Thomas Jacob (Ayroor) at Murqab.  The formation of Kuwait Parish reported to the Sabha Secretary Rev. A.C. Mathew by Mr. K.A. Abraham with recommendation to fix Rs.200/- for Nithyachilavu, which was the only collection Parishes were expected to send to the Church in the early years.  Our first remittance in this account was made by a Demand Draft on 16.02.1966.

The once in a month gathering at the residences continued for some time.  When American Mission Hospital ceased their operation in Kuwait late 1967, the Hospital building was made available for Christian activities.  At this time, we have obtained a place in the Hospital Building for Worship services through KTMCC.  With this facility in the Church compound, our monthly gathering increased to twice in a month.   After that the Govt. of Kuwait took back the hospital building for their own use and leased the Church Building and the compound to NECK in 1970 for Christian activities.  At this time, we have obtained a place in the Activities Building, formerly Nurses quarters, and moved there.  Gradually, the Worship services increased to regular weekly meetings in the same place until the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. There was also a Sunday school of 50 students till the invasion, started at the residences of the members in the beginning and later moved to NECK compound.

Our first Parish President was Mr. P.J. George followed by Mr. M. Jacob. Messers  A. J. Thomas and T. John Mathew  were the secretaries and Mr. P. Thomas Jacob was the treasurer in the early years. Messers P.M. Varghese, Joseph Chandy, M.C. Alex, Samuel P.Kurian, Alexander Mathew were also among the office bearers of the parish till Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

We rarely used to get pastoral care until the formation of GPC in 1989. Following dignitaries and leaders of our Church visited us during this period:

  • Bishop Most Rev. K.N. Oommen (in 1966),

  • Rev. K.M. Ninan (in 1969),

  • Rev. M.V. John (1970)

  • Rev. K.O. John

  • Rev. P.T. Chandapilla (in 1977, 1989)

  • Rev. T.C. George,

  • Rev. T.T. Mathewkutty

  • Rev. C.V. Varghese,

The neighboring Iraq invaded the peace loving tiny State of Kuwait on 2nd August 1990 and all foreigners and natives were forced to leave Kuwait.  This lasted for seven months and Kuwait was liberated on 26th February 1991 by allied forces led by USA. 

Our first Worship meeting in the liberated Kuwait was held on Tuesday 17th September 1991 at 7.30 PM at NECK Diwaniya. As very few people were back to Kuwait at that time, only few men were the attendees of that meeting.   Gradually families and new members arrived.  Our Friday prayer meeting was gathering at the Activities Building Room No. 4.  When the number of members increased, the place was insufficient for our gathering.   By God’s grace, meanwhile NECK constructed Hall of Hope and we have obtained preferential allotment there. 

From November 2003, Parish enjoys the services of resident vicars in Kuwait. On 4th November, 2003 Rev. P.M. Joseph took charge of Kuwait Parish as its first resident vicar, till his term ended on 31st May 2006. Rev. Shaji Alexander has been appointed as the next vicar of the parish as from 1st November 2006.

The Kuwait parish had the privilege of hosting 9th Gulf Parishes Conference in Kuwait on 26th and 27th November 2003. Very Rev. P.M. Samuel, the vicar general of the church, Rev. John Mathew, Rev. Samuel Mathew, Rev. P.V. Yacoub and Rev. P.M. Joseph were the leaders of the conference. The theme for the conference was “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight” (ps.19:14). Around 200 delegates from Kuwait and other gulf states attended the conference.

Today, as we turn back to the ways we crossed, we see the mighty hands of our Lord holding us thus far.  It is our Lord alone, made our existence possible for the last 40 years in this land and let every step we put forth be to His glory and for the advancement of His kingdom.