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The First Gulf Parish Conference (GPC) was held in 1989. Until then there were no joint fellowship among the Gulf Parishes like the BKD or the North American Family and Youth Conference. It was then that the Holy Spirit inspired in the heart of Very Rev. P.T.Chandapilla, the Vicar General of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India and the patron of GPC, the need for a mutual fellowship and co-operation among the parishes. The founder members Mr. K.M.Cherian - Dubai, Mr. K.V.Thomas - Bahrain, Mr. C.M.George – Doha, Mr.  Mathew Jacob & Mr. T.John Mathew - Kuwait worked together which resulted in the first Gulf Parishes Conference (GPC) hosted by Dubai Parish.  Started with five parishes, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, GPC aims to have a joint fellowship and co-operation among gulf parishes, for the spiritual growth and to support Church in various possible ways. Following are the GPC conferences held so far:-

1st Conference - Dubai in 1989

Guest Speaker: Rev. V. M. Mammen

Chairman:  K.M. Cherian, Dubai

Secretary:  K.V. Thomas, Bahrain

2nd Conference - Dubai in 1990

Guest Speaker:  Rev. Varghese Philip

Chairman:  K.M. Cherian, Dubai

Secretary:  K.V. Thomas, Bahrain


3rd Conference - Bahrain in 1992

Guest Speaker:  Rev.John M.Prasad

Chairman:  C. M. George, Doha

Secretary:  K.V. Thomas ,Bahrain


4th Conference - Dubai in 1993

Guest Speaker:  Rev. T.K. Thomas

Chairman:  C.M. George, Doha

Secretary:  K.V. Thomas, Bahrain


5th Conference - Bahrain in1995

Guest Speaker:  Rev. Dr. C.V.Mathew

Chairman:  C.M. George, Doha

Secretary:  K.V. Thomas, Bahrain


6th Conference - Muscat in 1997

Guest Speaker:  Rev. P. Philippose

Chairman:  Jacob Mathew, Kuwait

Secretary:  M.C. John, Doha


7th Conference - Dubai in1999

Guest Speaker:  Rev. P.C. Samuel

Chairman: Jacob Mathew, Kuwait

Secretary:  Denny N. Mathai, Muscat



8th Conference - in Bahrain 2001

Leaders:           Rev.. John V. John

                         Rev. P.V, Yacoub

Guest Speaker: K.V. Thomas

Chairman:  George Mathew, Bahrian

Secretary:  Denny N. Mathai, Muscat


9th Conference - in Kuwait 2003

Leaders:    Very Rev. P.M. Samuel

                  Rev. Samuel Mathew

                  Rev. P. V. Yacoub

                  Rev. P.M. Joseph

Guest Seeaker:  Rev. John Mathew

Chairman George Mathew, Bahrain

Secretary Denny N. Mathai Muscat


10th Conference - in Muscat 2005

Leaders:  Rt. Rev. Dr. M. K. Koshy

               Rev. P.M. Joseph

Guest Speaker:  Rev. Abraham Chacko

Chairman:  T. John Mathew Kuwait

Secretary: Denny N. Mathai , Muscat

Till 1995 this was held as One Day Conference every year, but from 1995 onwards Conference is held for two days in every 2 years, because of travel expenses and other point of view. However, there was no Conference in 1991 due to Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 2/8/1990. It is true that we have achieved many things during this period. Our both Bishops and 33 of our Clergies visited Gulf Parishes during this period.  Our first and important project was the Bishop’s house at Tiruvalla.  Then we supported many other projects including JMBC Madras, The central Chapel at Tiruvalla. Now we have resident Clergies in UAE and Kuwait. Our total population of Gulf parishioners is about one thousand and our Number of Parishes in Gulf has now increased to nine. Unlike western countries or USA, the life in Gulf region is hard and is of floating nature due to immigration rules.  


We, Kuwait parish became one of the active member parishes and our senior members were in the Executive Committees from the beginning and supported several projects of our Church.  By GPC arrangements, the following Bishops and Presbyters visited Kuwait over the years.



1. 1989 Rev V M Mammen

2. 1990 Rev Varghese Philip

3. 1990 Bishop Rt, Rev. Dr. T.C. Cherian - 2nd visit (1st visit in 1980)

4. 1992 Rev. C.K. Jacob

5. 1993 Rev T K Thomas

6. 1994 Rev. Thomas Varghese

7. 1994 Rev. P.M. Samuel - 2nd visit (1st visit in 1976)

8. 1995 Rev C V Mathew

9. 1995 Rev. Thomas Abraham

10. 1996 Bishop Most Rev Dr. M.K. Koshy - 1st visit

11. 1997 Rev P Philipose

12. 1997 Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. T.C. Cherian - 3rd visit

13. 19971 Rev. P.M. Philip

14. 1998 Rev. V.V. George

15. 1998 Rev. C.A. Chacko

16. 1999 Rev P C Samuel

17. 1999 Rev. Jacob George

18. 1999 Rev. K.K. Thomas

19. 2000 Rev. P.A. Abraham

20. 2000 Rev. T.E. Varghese

21. 2001 Rev. P.V. Eapen

22. 2001 Rev. P.V. Yacob

23. 2002 Rev Sunny C John

24. 2002 Rev John V John

25. 2002 Rev Mathew Philip

26. 2003 Rev John Mathew

27. 2003 Very Rev P M Samuel - 3rd visit

28. 2004 Rev Sunny K John

29. 2004 Rev Varghese Philip – 2nd visit

30. 2005 Rev Sameul Mathew

31. 2005 Rev. K. Georgekutty

32. 2005 Rev Abraham Chacko

33. 2006 Rev. Thomas Thottathil

34. 2006 Rt. Rev. Dr. M.K. Koshy - 2rd visit

35. 2006 Rev. P. T. Mathew