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It is generally believed that the apostle St. Thomas, one the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ planted the Malankara Church in the land of Kerala, around AD 52. This church is the root of all Christian churches in Kerala. However, due to the influence of external churches and surroundings, this church gradually drifted away from the sound doctrines and teachings of the Holy Apostles. Towards the last decades of 18th century, Anglican Missionaries came to Kerala and their teaching inspired many towards the true faith. Abraham Malpan (the teachers of Syriac language were called Malpan), also known as the “Martin Luther of Malankara” took the leadership of those who struggled for the reformation of the Malankara Church and thus formed the Marthoma Church to uphold the faith of the Holy Scriptures.


Gradually, a group of educated young men and part of the Marthoma church leadership deflected from its pristine faith and tried to reintroduce the doctrines, dogmas and practices once rejected by Abraham Malpan and other founders of the church. In order to revive and reinstate the church to its original faith many gospel loving believers gathered together on 29th October 1952  and formed an organization known as “Pathyopadesa Samathi” (Organization for sound doctrines). The effort of this Samathi was never accepted by the Church leadership. Moreover, they suspended four clergies who stood firm for the faith. Having no way left, those believers who wished to stand firm for the doctrines and teachings revealed through Jesus Christ and proclaimed by the Holy Apostles, assembled on 10th December 1960 in Rock Hall at Kuttalam for the initial talks on the formation of a separate Church.

January 26th 1961, a day to be recorded in golden letters in the church history around 25000 believers and 20 clergies gathered at Thiruvalla, for the formation of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India.  Most Rev. K.N. Oommen and Rt. Rev. P. John Varghese were ordained as the first bishops of the Church. The preservation of divine doctrines and teaching in their pristine purity, and Evangelization of India were proclaimed as the principal aim and objective of the Church.

Over the years Church went through many ups and downs, but God sustained it in his everlasting arms to continue His call. At present Church has around 240 parishes, divided into six Districts under four Dioceses. The church is led by its Bishops:  Most. Rev. Dr. T. C. Cherian,  the Presiding Bishop and Rt. Rev. Dr. M. K. Koshy, together with 80 Presbyters ministering the Lord inside and outside India. Without forgetting its primary aim, the church has undertaken more than 80 mission fields all over India, and does gospel works with 133 Evangelists and 46 Savinies under the Board for Evangelistic works, Hindi Belt Mission and the Board for Women’s work.

Though small in number, the church believes in God’s plan of its existence for THE WORD OF GOD AND FOR THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST.

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